Georgia Auto Window Tinting Laws

Applying window tinting to your vehicle is a great way to beat the heat, provide privacy and security, and add a sleek visual aesthetic. It is important to adhere to the state’s window tinting laws to avoid fines and the expense of removal/replacement. Here’s what you should know:

Window Tint Darkness, Reflection, and Color

Georgia’s window tint laws were designed to allow drivers to experience the benefits of automotive window tinting while maintaining adequate visibility to ensure safe driving. Automotive window tints are measured by a visible light transmission percentage (VLT%), referring to the amount of light allowed through the glass of the windows. 32% VLT is the least amount allowed (darkest) on the left, right, and rear windows of passenger vehicles and the back and rear windows of an SUV. Windshield tinting is illegal on all vehicles, except for the top six inches and this tint must be non-reflective. Another aspect to consider when choosing your automotive window tints is color. Red and amber colored window tints are illegal in Georgia.

Can You Get Pulled Over for Window Tint?

An officer can subjectively decide that your window tint seems too dark and pull you over on “articulable suspicion.” They will check the sticker on your windshield that identifies the tint as being legal (this sticker is applied by your installer and is required under state law.) They can then test your window tinting using a special tool to confirm that it falls into the proper VLT percentages. The law does allow for a 3% transmission tolerance as wiggle room.


It is important to understand Georgia’s tint laws before making modifications to your vehicle’s windows, because violation of these laws could result in a fine of up to $1,000 and/or up to 12 months of jail! Penalties vary and you will likely only receive a warning or $25-$100 fine for your first offense and a $200+ fine for a second offense. To avoid these fines, be sure to have your automotive window tints installed by a professional dealer knowledgeable in Georgia window tint laws.

Choose Professional, Knowledgeable, and Experienced Installers

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