Georgia Auto Window Tinting Laws

Interested in tinting your car? Applying a window tint to your vehicle is a great way to reduce incoming light and harmful UV rays, provide privacy and security, and add a sleek visual aesthetic. With the right products and installation, a high-quality window tint can bring some real benefits to your vehicle. Fighting Georgia’s hot summers starts with a window tint installation.

In the past year, we have had an increase in questions concerning the Georgia Tint law and how it affects our business. We wanted to explain a little more in detail about the law to help our customers understand what makes a legal tint. 

No matter what type of vehicle you are driving, it’s important to adhere to the state’s window tinting laws to avoid fines and the expense of removal/replacement. Here’s what you should know to achieve a legal tint in the state of Georgia:

Georgia window tinting laws

Window Tint Darkness, Reflection, and Color

Georgia’s car window tint laws were designed to allow drivers to experience the benefits of automotive window tinting while maintaining adequate visibility to ensure safe driving. Automotive window tints are measured by a visible light transmission percentage (VLT%), referring to the amount of light allowed through the glass of the windows.

The law splits up vehicle types including passenger and multi-purpose categories. The laws for each are similar but have discrete differences to note before investing in a tinted window service.

Front windshield tinting is considered an illegal window tint on all vehicles, except for the top six inches and this must be a non-reflective tint. This applies to both passenger and multi-purpose passenger vehicles.

Passenger Vehicles

By state law, unless you applied for a medical exemption, 32% VLT is the least amount allowed (darkest) on the two front door windows, the back side windows, and the back windshield.

What is Considered a “Passenger Vehicle”?

Sedan, Hatchback, Coupe, and Station Wagon

Multi-purpose Vehicles

A car considered multi-purpose has similar regulations with a 32% VLT minimum but differs with those rear windows. Backside windows and the back windshield can have any % applied behind the passenger and driver front doors

What is Considered a “Multi-Purpose Vehicle”?

SUV, Van, Minibus, an Truck

Applying to Both Vehicle Categories

Tint Color

Another aspect to consider when choosing your automotive window tints is color. Red and amber-colored window tints are illegal under Georgia law.

Tint Reflection

Reflecting incoming light and reducing glare, tint reflection is another factor. Window film on both passenger and multi-purpose vehicles must not be more than 20% reflective on the front side windows, rear windows, and rear windshield.


Several other exemptions to the window tint law stand in place for commercial and government vehicles, windows tinted before factory delivery, and exemptions for medical reasons. You can read more about those exceptions in Georgia’s Department of Public Safety or in the Official Code of Georgia under Title 40, the subsection that covers laws for motor vehicles and traffic. 

Can You Get Pulled Over for Window Tint?

An officer can subjectively decide that your vehicle’s window tint seems too dark and pull you over on “articulable suspicion.” They will check the sticker on your windshield that identifies the tint as being legal (this sticker is applied by your installer and is required under state law.) They can then test your window tinting using a special tool to confirm that it falls into the proper VLT legal limit. The law does allow for a 3% transmission tolerance as wiggle room.


It is important to understand Georgia’s tint laws before making modifications to your vehicle’s windows because violation of these laws could result in a misdemeanor, a fine of up to $1,000, and/or up to 12 months imprisonment, according to Georgia law. Penalties vary and you will likely only receive a warning or a $25-$100 fine for your first offense and a $200+ fine for a second offense. To avoid these fines, be sure to have your automotive window tints installed by a professional dealer knowledgeable in Georgia window tint laws.

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