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Marietta combines small-town, historic charm with vibrant city life in a location that’s close to Atlanta. With so many retail stores, restaurants, office buildings, and other commercial properties in and around the city, it’s important for business owners to offer a comfortable environment for customers and staff. The sun shining through windows can create glare and cause UV damage, making it essential for business owners to look into options for UV protection. The Tint Guy offers high-quality commercial window tinting services in the Marietta, GA area.

Superior Window Tinting in Marietta

The Tint Guy has been providing exceptional window tint services in Cobb County and surrounding areas since 1986. With several years of experience, you can count on getting expert installation and excellent service for your commercial building.

Whether you own a retail store, office building, or restaurant, it’s important to keep the interior safe from harmful UV rays and glare. Sun damage can ruin carpeting, furniture, and other valuable items in your commercial building, while glare can make it uncomfortable for staff and customers. Having a window film placed on your building’s windows ensures glare reduction, heat rejection, and protection from UV rays. This creates a better environment for employees and customers while ensuring your facility has a professional look.

Commercial Window Tinting Options

Whether you’re looking to enhance your building’s security, protect it from storm damage, or lower your energy costs, we have commercial window films that fit your unique needs. The Tint Guy offers several window tinting options to choose from, including the following:

Anti-Graffiti Film: 3M’s Anti-Graffiti Film provides protection from vandals, including tagging and scratches, in order to keep your windows looking their best.

Decorative Glass Film: 3M Fasara Glass Finishes can enhance the appearance of windows in conference rooms, lobbies, private offices, exterior windows, retail environments, and more. There are a variety of aesthetic options if you’re looking to add a frosted window, textured glass, or a new design to your office or conference room.

Low E Film: Low E window film helps keep your building interior warmer when it’s cold outside. Its heat rejection means lower energy bills throughout the winter months. Atlanta’s hot summer can cause heat build-up and reduced productivity in an office. Invest in the comfort and betterment of your interiors.

Safety & Security Film: Reduce the risk and financial burden shattered glass can bring to your facility. From natural disasters to intruders, 3M window films can provide real protection, deter theft, and reduce property damage.

Shatter Resistant Film: These window films help keep your windows safe from severe weather, including high winds, and accidental impact.

Solar Control Film: These window films help lower the cost to cool your building, which can result in significant savings for your business, especially during the hot summer months.

Privacy Window Film: Privacy windows are vital in office settings, providing a greater degree of comfort in offices and conference rooms. Casper Cloaking Technology is another step towards privacy with its ability to obscure digital screens in your building.

3M offers a wide variety of films with benefits that are sure to match the needs of your property. With a limited lifetime warranty, you can’t go wrong with a quality window tinting service from The Tint Guy.

If you’re interested in receiving similar benefits to your home window, we also offer residential window tinting for homes in the Marietta. We’re known for the best home, commercial, and automotive window tinting service in the area.

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