Residential Window Tinting Services for Homes in Decatur, Georgia

Decatur is a vibrant city located just east of Atlanta, Georgia. With a unique blend of small-town charm and urban convenience, Decatur is a welcoming community for residents of all ages. Homeowners in the area know the importance of protecting their property and can invest in the comfort of their homes with the help of The Tint Guy! Our team serves the Decatur area with a variety of window tinting services that enhance your windows and elevate your property! 

Any Homeowner Can Benefit From Quality Window Film

Window film can be a valuable addition to any house, especially in Atlanta’s hot summers. With the help of our experienced and trustworthy technicians, you can experience more comfort and security within the place you call home. 

  • Reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat
  • Evenly disperse natural light
  • Block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays
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Glare Reduction

Glare can be a major pain point in a variety of rooms, affecting your ability to see your computer or TV screen, read a book, or simply relax. If glare is becoming an annoying addition to your daily routine, a high-quality window film can make noticeable benefits and reduce the amount of glare in your home. 

Reducing Heat & Saving on Energy Bills

We all know how warm our windows can get on a hot summer day. This is not only affecting the temperature of your home and the comfort of your family and guests, but it’s also increasing your energy bills. 

The best way to block the sun’s infrared rays to reduce the amount of heat that enters your home is a Solar Control Film from The Tint Guy. With less heat entering your home, your air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool, which can significantly reduce your energy costs and create a more comfortable home.

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Avoid Furniture & Floor Fading 

If UV rays are starting to fade and damage your furniture, flooring, artwork, and other items in your home, it’s time for a window film. Proactively investing in a UV-rejecting film will be well worth the investment by preserving your valuable belongings.

Protecting Your Home

If cracks, scratches, and other damage is a concern on your property, a security film or shatter-resistant security film is an easy solution. An impact protection film and security film can protect and enhance your windows by providing an extra layer of protection. This can help prolong the life of your windows and reduce the need for costly repairs or replacements.

Enhancing Privacy

Privacy is important for peace of mind and aesthetics in a variety of rooms. A privacy film is the best solution to block outside visibility while still allowing natural light to enter their living spaces. We can offer a wide range of options to find a customized privacy solution for your home.

Trust The Tint Guy for Reliable Residential Window Tinting Services 

The Tint Guy has served homes around the Atlanta area for over three decades, developing the experience to ensure a quality home tinting solution for any customer. Our team can offer a customized project to meet the needs of your property. 

3M Films

We’re proud to offer 3M window films to individuals and families in the Decatur community. The technology, quality, and variety of 3M’s offerings are unmatched. With 3M films and experienced technicians, The Tint Guy is ready to take on any project and offer a long-lasting solution.

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