Understanding 35% Tints: The Perfect Blend of Style and Function

Window tinting is the process of applying a thin laminate film to the glass of a vehicle’s windows. This film layer of tint serves a dual purpose: enhancing the aesthetics of your car while offering practical benefits such as increased privacy and protection from damaging ultraviolet rays.

One common question that we hear from interested owners is “What does a 35 percent window tint mean?” In window tinting jargon, this value represents the VLT, or Visible Light Transmission, that the tint allows. A tint with a VLT value of 35 percent means that 35 percent of visible light will penetrate the window. The inverse of this figure, 65 percent in this case, is the amount of light blocked by the tint. In essence, the smaller the VLT percentage, the darker the tint.

So why is the 35 percent window tint a popular choice? Because it strikes a balance that many car owners find appealing. It provides meaningful benefits – less glare on sunny days, less heat build-up in the car, and reduced UV exposure. Moreover, this level of tint is also considered generally legal in many states, making it a safe bet for those who want to avoid breaking any tint laws while having the appearance of dark windows.

The Science Behind Window Tinting: Visible Light Transmission (VLT%)

Peeling back the curtain on window tinting requires an understanding of a few key concepts, one of the most central ones being Visible Light Transmission. VLT is the amount of visible light that a window tint allows to pass through. Simply put, a higher VLT percentage signifies a lighter tint, whereas a lower percentage accounts for a darker one.

Popular Tint Options

Selecting the right window film shade for your vehicle is crucial, as it not only changes the appearance of your car. Whether choosing from common tint options or not it is essential to remember, the darkness of your film doesn’t always correlate with the ability to reduce glare, heat, and harmful UV rays. Many advanced options on today’s market are designed to enhance your view by allowing visible light into your vehicle while keeping heat out, so you can see clearly through your windows — and maintain your vehicle’s original appearance. A high-quality automotive window film can change the appearance of your windows but it doesn’t have to.

Factory Tint

Factory window tint refers to the window tint that is applied during the manufacturing process of the vehicle. This tint is typically dyed directly into the glass rather than being applied as a film. Factory tint is generally uniform across all the vehicle’s windows, excluding the windshield, and adheres to legal restrictions which can vary depending on the jurisdiction.

Factory tint is usually lighter, primarily intended to reduce glare and UV exposure, rather than providing maximum privacy or heat reduction. The color of the factory tint can range from a subtle gray to a darker charcoal, and its visual light transmission (VLT) level typically falls between 15% to 26%.

Limo Tint

Limo tint is the darkest window tint available and is famously associated with limousines for the privacy it offers. It allows only 5% of light to pass through the window, which makes it almost impossible to see inside the vehicle from the outside during daylight hours. 

However, due to its extremely dark nature, limo tint is illegal in many places on front side windows and the windshield. Generally, this tint is used on the rear windows of the vehicle and is applied as a film over the glass.

infographic about 35% window tint and its benefits/ legal implications

35 Tint

35 tint refers to the level of darkness or opacity applied to the windows of a vehicle. A 35% VLT is a versatile choice for vehicle owners, combining various benefits seamlessly. It strikes a balance between privacy and visibility, offering moderate privacy without excessively darkening the windows. This level of tint enhances the vehicle’s aesthetics, providing a sleek and stylish look. It also offers effective solar protection by blocking UV rays and reducing interior heat, contributing to a more comfortable ride. Importantly, it tends to comply with window tinting laws in many areas, including Georgia, reducing the risk of legal issues and fines, making it a preferred option for everyday vehicles.

35 Tint Laws & Regulations

35% is legal in Georgia, but it’s critical to understand that every state has its own laws and regulations regarding how dark or reflective your window tint can be. In some states, the legal limit for window tint VLT can be as low as 20 percent or as high as 70 percent. Therefore, a 35 percent window tint is generally legal and viewed as a safe window tinting option. It enhances privacy and shields your vehicle from the sun’s adverse effects while still keeping your vehicle street-legal in the majority of states.

In essence, window tinting is not just about improving your vehicle aesthetics; there is a substantial science behind it. Understanding this science is critical to making an informed decision, which is where a professional window tinting service like The Tint Guy comes into play.

hand with yellow wash cloth wiping car windows

Is a 35 Tint Right for Your Car? 

Tints vary widely, from factory tint to limo tint and more with varying VLT percentages. So why is the 35 percent window tint specifically, the preference of many car owners?


First, consider that window tints of 35 percent cater to a wide array of vehicle types. Whether you’re cruising in a compact sedan, toting the family in an SUV, or getting things done in a multipurpose vehicle, the 35 percent window tint keeps every journey comfortable and enjoyable. Not only is such a tint film perfect for front windshield and front windows, but it also serves its purpose excellently for side and rear windows, given it balances the amount of light allowed into the car.

Preserve Your Interior

Especially for those who have a car with a black interior, tints can be essential. Intense sunlight can cause the interiors to heat up, leading to premature, noticeable degradation to your seats, dashboard, and other elements. The 35 percent window tint, however, is there for your rescue. It deflects an impressive portion of the sun’s rays, keeping your vehicle’s interior relatively cooler and massively helping to preserve the life of your interiors.


When comparing the 35-window tint with the darker alternatives such as the limo tint, the factory tint, or the expensive ceramic tint, you will find it notably versatile. The 35-window tint is aesthetically pleasing, less reflective, and doesn’t block too much light, making it a practical and economical choice for an average user, who favors function without forgoing form.

A Balanced Choice

In essence, the subtlety of the 35 percent window tint contributes massively to enhancing the car interior without causing the driver visible stress or running the risk of breaching any window tint laws. Selecting the right tint for your windows is a task half done until it is paired with professional expertise for its application.

man applying a tint job to a black truck

Selecting A Professional for Your Tint Installations

Once you have settled on the all-rounder 35 percent window tint, choosing a reputable and professional company to handle the installation is paramount. It is important not to turn tinting your windows into a DIY project. Doing it yourself can lead to unsightly bubbles, poor-quality materials, and potential clashes with state regulations.

Since its inception in 1986, The Tint Guy has been offering the highest quality films and installation services, making it the top choice for customers in the Atlanta area and beyond.

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  • Peace of mind: you’ve made the right investment, the installation will be top-notch, and the end result will enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics and functionality.

Choosing The Tint Guy for Your 35 percent Window Tint

With decades of experience, we shine in terms of professionalism, product knowledge, customer satisfaction, and after-sales services. When you choose The Tint Guy, you invest in an unwavering commitment to quality and substantial industry knowledge that assures a flawless application of your chosen 35 percent window tint.

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