Combat High Summer Air Conditioning Bills with Window Tinting

Windows brighten any home, provide a view to the outside, and allow fresh air to enter. They can also cause excessive energy waste. Heat entering through your home’s windows on a sunny day cannot escape. It accumulates and can lead to it actually becoming hotter inside your home than outside. This means your air conditioning is working overtime to keep your home’s internal temperature comfortable. You may think the only way to stay cool is to pull the blinds or curtains and sit in the dark, but there is a way you can keep the natural lighting while lowering your utility bill—window tinting!
Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

  • Affordable Installation: Rather than replacing your home’s windows, window tinting provides an affordable alternative at a fraction of the cost.
  • High ROI: Energy-efficient window films offer a great return on your investment. Reduced energy bills should result in a payoff in just two to five years.
  • Year-Round Savings: Window tinting will reduce the amount of heat and light into your home in the summer, reducing solar heat gain. This will result in less wear and tear on your HVAC unit and lower AC bills. In the winter, the same window film will retain interior heat, resulting in lower heating costs, creating year-round cost savings.
  • UV Protection: Window films will protect you and your family’s skin, eyes, and immune system from damaging UV rays. They will also protect your furnishings from fading and sun damage.
  • Safety: The adhesive backing on window films adds an additional strengthening element to your home’s windows. They are less prone to shattering from storms, debris, intruders, or accidents in the home.

The Tint Guy Offers a Variety of Residential Window Tinting Options
At The Tint Guy we offer a variety of styles of residential window tinting including decorative films, security films, safety films, low E films, privacy films, shatter resistant films, and anti-graffiti films. At this time of year, many of our clients are especially interested in our solar control films which reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat coming through windows, reduce your home cooling costs up to 30%, and block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. Let us professional install our 3M™ Sun Control Window Films to your home. Call us at 404-890-5518 or contact us through our online form today!