Reduce Visual Hacking with Casper Cloaking

Collaborations and open workspaces are new cornerstones of today’s businesses, but the importance of confidentiality has not changed. Unfortunately, your company’s computer monitors spread throughout these open spaces could be exposing private data to employees, contractors, customers, guests, and other wandering eyes. Visual hacking, the act of physically spying on someone’s desk or computer screens is a low-tech threat that is on the rise.

Casper Cloaking

By installing privacy films (Casper cloaking) to windows you can better ensure the confidentiality of your businesssensitive data. As the digital privacy solution for the modern workplace these architectural films obscure or cloak” digital screens to outside views while maintaining transparency.

How It Works

Casper cloaking expands on the privacy screens that have been used on laptops and monitors for years by bringing the concept to an architectural level with window films. After the 5 millimeter thick transparent window films are applied to the inside of any clear, smooth glass, they are able to black out screens behind them by blocking the light waves that are transmitted through LCD and LED screens. These privacy films will cloak computer monitors, laptops, some tablets and smartphones, and LCD and LED displays that are at least 42 inches wide. They are not able to cloak plasma, OLED, or passive 3D screens and projections because these devices emit different types of light that the film can’t block.

Reduce Visual Hacking with Casper Cloaking

Ensure data privacy while giving your clients the confidence and peace of mind that their information is kept safe with Casper cloaking applied by The Tint Guy. Who you choose to install your window film is just as important as choosing the right window film and The Tint Guy professionals have the experience and product knowledge to guarantee a successful solution. Our talented technicians will apply the special privacy window film on the inside of any glass (windows, conference room, meeting rooms, etc) just like any other window film. With over 30 years experience in the professional window tinting business, The Tint Guy is a smart choice for all your window film needs. Specializing in residential, commercial, or automotive tinting needs, we are comfortable providing expert sales and installation of the complete line of 3M Window Films and are the only full service 3M Prestige Dealer in the North Georgia market offering the highest in quality installations for segments. Work collaboratively without worry—add Casper cloaking to your business. Call us today at 404-890-5518 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.