The Benefits of Automotive Window Tint

According to automotive magazine surveys, one of the first accessories a vehicle owner purchases when they get a new car is window tint. Some even deem it a necessity, and rightly so. Partly considered a customization because it provides automobile owners with a fun and easy way to customize and beautify their car’s appearance (it does look pretty cool!), window tint can also be considered a necessary accessory because of the long list of real-world benefits to both car and driver. Here are just a few key things to know about the benefits of automotive window tint.

Beats the Heat

No matter where you live in Georgia, it’s a fact that your parked car’s interior gets hot, no matter what time of year it is. Window tint helps to regulate the temperature inside your car in two significant ways.

First of all, window tint can block a majority of the solar heat that gets trapped in an unoccupied vehicle. You know, that fiery blast of hot air that smacks you in the face whenever you open your car door… Less hot air means that not only will your parked car feel less hot when you get in it, but it will take less time for it to get to a comfortable temperature once you’re on the road.

Finally, once you’re on the road and your car’s interior is at a comfortable temperature, window tint helps to maintain that cooler temperature, allowing you to reduce your A/C use by setting your air conditioning on a lower setting, which keeps gas consumption down and gas savings UP!

Provides Security and Privacy

Because automotive window tint is available in a wide range of shades and darknesses, it provides increased privacy for the security of the people and possessions inside. When you’re in the car, a darker shade of tint can help prevent curious onlookers from seeing who’s in the car, which adds to your anonymity, making you less vulnerable, especially at those late night stoplights. After all, potential carjackers and troublemakers might be less apt to target victims if they can’t see who’s in the car to begin with. In addition, when your car is unoccupied, a darker shade of tint helps to prevent prying eyes from peering into your vehicle to search for valuables to steal. Statistics show that the less they can see, the less likely they are to break in.

Don’t forget that it’s important to find a trusted tint professional who knows your state’s individual laws regarding how dark your window tint is allowed to be.

Reduces UV Exposure

There are also some health benefits to getting your car windows tinted, as well. Whether it’s during the blazing hot summer or the coldest winter day, the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays are always beaming down on us. UV rays are bad, especially for our eyes and our skin. UV light can raise your risk of eye diseases and other dangers, such as cataracts and eye-related cancers, while exposure to UV rays causes skin to wrinkle and age prematurely, at the least.

Protects Your Car’s Interior

Speaking of exposure to the sun, the sun can do irreparable damage to your car’s interior, as well — especially the upholstery and the carpet. Regardless of the type of upholstery you have, whether it’s fabric or leather, the sun slowly degrades the upholstery, weakening it, and even causing it to fade and change colors. The same can be said for the sun’s effect on your carpets, too. Experts say that a vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make in your life. Preserve it by investing in a professional window tint installation! Not only will window tint help you to maintain your car’s beauty, but it will also help to retain its resale value, too.

Serving the Greater Atlanta area for over 30 years now, the pros at The Tint Guy are ready to help you take your car’s look and protection to the next level. Specializing in all your professional window film needs, whether it’s automotive, residential, or commercial window tinting, their helpful and experienced staff offer the highest quality of service, materials, and craftsmanship to ensure that your window film installation is the best it can be.