Visual Privacy in The New Office

Today’s employers and employees are learning how to navigate the new, post-COVID workplace. While some businesses are continuing to have employees work from home, many are returning to the office full-time or adapting to a hybrid working environment. During this transitional time, visual privacy and confidentiality must not be overlooked. Open layouts and plentiful windows are common modern office design elements that offer the feelings of freedom, spaciousness, and transparency. Unfortunately, this open accessibility may also lead to potential privacy breaches, especially in technology, medical, and financial offices. Computer monitors and other digital screens can easily expose sensitive or private data to employees, contractors, customers, guests, and other wandering eyes. For visual privacy, workers have often closed blinds and curtains or maybe even papered over windows to protect sensitive information. The abundance of screens in the workplace can also become a distraction, thus reducing productivity. Protect yourself from visual hacking and help keep your workforce focused with Casper Cloaking.

What is Casper Cloaking Film?

Casper Cloaking is a privacy film for glass that obscures digital screens to outside views while maintaining transparency. It acts as a smart shield to ensure data privacy while providing the peace of mind to collaborate freely in any working environment. By installing Casper Cloaking privacy films to windows, you can better ensure the confidentiality of your business’ sensitive data.

The Technology

After the 5 millimeter thick transparent window films are applied to the inside of any clear, smooth glass, they are able to black out screens behind them by blocking the light waves that are transmitted through LCD and LED screens. Digital screens will appear as if they are turned off while everything else in the room will look completely normal. These privacy films will cloak computer monitors, laptops, some tablets and smartphones, and LCD and LED displays that are at least 42 inches wide. This revolutionary solution allows you to keep the look and feel of an open workspace without the privacy pitfalls.

Additional Graphic Layers

Casper Cloaking films are installed onto a room’s interior glass (windows, conference room, meeting rooms, etc) just like any other window film. An additional optional Graphic Film can be mounted on the outside glass to customize the appearance of your space and to provide an additional layer of subtle visual privacy.

Trust the Tint Guy for Your Casper Cloaking Needs

Ensure date privacy while giving your clients the confidence and peace of mind that their information is kept safe with Casper Cloaking privacy films applied by The Tint Guy. With over 30 years experience in the professional window tinting business, The Tint Guy is a smart choice for all your window film needs. Work collaboratively without worry—add privacy window films to your business today. Call us at 404-890-5518 or 770-975-2568 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.