Window Tint Peeling: Causes, Remedies & Prevention

If you’re a car owner, homeowner, or business that counts on the protective and aesthetic benefits of window tinting you may be wondering how to fix peeling window tint or avoid it in the first place.

Besides detracting from aesthetics, window tint peeling poses a challenge to the very purpose of tinting—acting as a shield against harmful UV rays, glare, heat, and maintaining privacy. When it comes to peeling tint and bubbling there are many things you can do to avoid or repair the problem. The absolute best thing you can do is make sure your tint is properly applied by an experienced professional the first time, to avoid the struggles of deterioration.

Infographic for TTG featuring reasons for window tint peeling or bubbling.

Understanding Window Tint Peeling and Bubbling 

Have you ever run your fingers along your tinted window, only to have spots of tint peel away, or noticed little pockets of trapped air that resemble bubbles? If so, you’re dealing with common issues that occur in the world of window tint: peeling and bubbling.

Window tint peeling is the process where the tint film starts to come off, causing an eyesore and hindering the main benefits of window tinting—from UV protection to aesthetics. Bubbling, on the other hand, occurs when air gets trapped between the window surface and the tint film, causing a bubble-like appearance. Besides being aesthetically displeasing, these window tint bubbles can also distort your view from the window, making this more than just a minor inconvenience.

Tint Peeling Causes

A variety of reasons could be at play causing these issues and usually derive from the general wear and tear of old films. Specifically, prolonged exposure to harsh UV rays can break down the adhesive holding the tint to the windows, causing peeling. On a similar note, direct sunlight and extreme heat put stress on the window tint, leading to bubbling over time. The type of tint—be it aftermarket or factory—also influences the likelihood of facing such issues. Aftermarket tint, applied by an inexperienced tint shop or do-it-yourself kits, tends to be more prone to these problems as compared to factory tint that is dyed into the window glass itself.

Poor Installation

Another key factor causing window tint peeling and bubbling is the quality and method of installation. Poor installation from inexperienced technicians often results in these issues surfacing sooner.

Low-Quality Tints

Low-quality tint films, often fail to stand the test of time and harsh weather conditions, leading to peeling and bubbling much sooner. Ensure that your tint place is applying quality films from reputable manufacturers.

While peeling or bubbling may seem like a small issue to some, it’s not just about the looks. Peeling or bubbling window tint can drastically reduce the effectiveness of the window tint, leaving you exposed to harsh sunlight, higher temperatures, and less privacy.

man with blue protective gloves cleaning the window tint by spraying a sanitizer from a bottle.

Preventative Measures for Window Tint Peeling and Bubbling

To put it simply, prevention is better than cure. The same goes for window tinting. While peeling and bubbling might appear to be unavoidable, there are several measures you can employ to prevent, or at least delay, the onset of these issues.

Start by seeking professional assistance for your tint job. The importance of an expert installation from a trusted tint shop cannot be overstated. The Tint Guy‘s team of experienced professionals not only ensures an impeccable installation but also uses superior-quality window tint film that reduces the chances of bubbling or peeling. Apart from providing a warranty on the installation, professionals can also guide you in selecting the right tint for your vehicle, home, or office according to your unique needs.

The quality of the window tint film greatly influences its likelihood of peeling or bubbling. Cheap, low-grade films are often not robust enough to withstand environmental challenges causing them to fail prematurely. Apart from ensuring the use of premium-quality window tint film, you should also understand their unique maintenance needs. Proper window tint cleaning is very important to its overall maintenance. Avoid cleaning your windows with ammonia-based cleaners as they are harmful to the tint. Make sure to wait at least a few days after getting new tint before rolling your windows down; this allows the tint time to fully cure and adhere to the glass.

It is also important to consider the weather conditions at the time of the tint installation. If installed on a very hot day, the adhesive used can dry too quickly, causing a less-than-perfect bond between the window and the tint. On the other hand, if installed on a particularly cold day, the curing time may be longer, potentially causing imperfections.

Lastly, routine checks and maintenance are a must. Cleaning windows with soapy water and soft cloth, combined with regular inspections for any signs of damage, can go a long way in maintaining the tint quality. With these steps, you can safeguard your auto window tint, prolong its lifespan, and ensure it serves its wide range of functions effectively.

Fixing peeling or bubbling window tints.

Remedial Measures: How to Handle Peeling and Bubbling Window Tint

If a small area of your window tint is already peeling or bubbling there are a few things you can try. There are remedial measures that, while requiring some effort, could give your windows a fresh start. By carefully cutting away the bubbling or peeling portions with a razor blade, you could intervene to prevent further damage. For larger areas of damage, however, the best solution is usually to remove the old tint and replace it with new film.

Potential Risks of DIY Tint Removal

If your DIY skills are not up to the mark, removing old tint can be a daunting and potentially risky task Working with a heat gun to loosen the adhesive, peeling off the old tint, and dealing with the tedious process of glue residue removal is not a chore for the faint of heart. Additionally, there’s the risk of scratching the glass with a razor blade if not handled properly.

A botched tint removal can not only damage your windows but the new tint applied won’t adhere correctly to a poorly cleaned window either. This is where The Tint Guy can step in to save the day. With decades of experience and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, our professionals ensure that your tint is removed and replaced correctly without any damage to your windows.

Using an adhesive remover, our experts carefully and meticulously remove the old film and any remaining glue is cleaned off using see-through steel wool and a gentle cleaner from a spray bottle. This thorough preparation ensures a streak-free and clean surface for the new tint to adhere to, minimizing future issues of bubbling or peeling.

Prevention is still key, but if damage has occurred The Tint Guy can help by blending superior materials, industry expertise, and a dedicated customer-centric approach to breathe new life into your window tints.

Person cleaning roof light window tints uses a squeegee.

Why Choose The Tint Guy for Your Window Tinting Needs

One of the things you may have realized from our comprehensive look into window tinting is that experience and quality do matter. It’s not just about slapping on a piece of film. Since 1986, The Tint Guy has been synonymous with quality window tinting services in Woodstock and Kennesaw. We offer the best in window film technology from this industry paired with expert knowledge and unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction.

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From choosing the best film for your automotive, commercial, or residential needs, our team walks you through the process, ensuring your project matches your standards and the legal limits. Our experience extends across a wide variety of vehicles and property types, allowing us to provide targeted and personalized service. From selecting the proper tinting film to the impeccable installation, every step of the process with us is geared towards quality, durability, and customer satisfaction.

If you’re in the Atlanta area and need window tinting services, whether it’s car window tints to add a new aesthetic look to your vehicle, to increase energy efficiency in your home, or if you’re battling the peeling or bubbling, give The Tint Guy a call. Investing in us is investing in the prolonged life and quality of your window tints- which is an investment worth making!

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