Commercial Window Films and Your Business’ Bottom Line

Business owners are always watching their bottom line but smart business owners know that long term investments are crucial to any successful business plan. Commercial window films offer multiple immediate benefits to business as well as a fast return on investment (ROI).

Improved Appearance & Reduced Maintenance Costs

First impressions are everything in business. Improving the appearance of your business can attract employees, consumers, and people who may have never noticed you before. This immediate impact not only affects how your business is perceived but can also boost your property value. Commercial window films can also hide dirt and glass streaks, allowing you to save money on maintenance costs by extending time between window cleanings.

Energy Efficiency = Lower Utility Bills & Longer HVAC Life

Maintaining the internal temperature of a commercial building is a significant expense. 35% of your utility bill costs may come from heat gains and losses through your business’ windows. Commercial window films reflect bright sunshine and harmful UV rays during the summer months and reduce external heat loss at night and during the winter months. By reducing this overhead you are able to keep the interior air temperature more consistent, which will have a direct influence on your utility costs. The increased energy efficiency will also reduce the strain on your HVAC, meaning less maintenance and longer system lifetimes.

Enhance Comfort & Productivity

By regulating temperatures, window films increase employee, shopper, and visitor comfort while reducing hours of lost work productivity due to glare and eye strain. Commercial window films can also increase productivity by reducing outside distractions, especially in areas where passersby can otherwise easily see into your building.

Protect from Harmful UV Rays

Commercial window films prevent harmful radiation from entering your building. High levels of UV radiation ages/damages skin, and can lead to possible skin cancer. Adding window films to your business protects the health of your employees, shoppers, and visitors.

Privacy and Security

If your business requires confidentiality, window films offer the privacy you need to keep your employees and commercial property safe. They also offer a level of security by obstructing views from would-be thieves and protecting anyone nearby if the window’s glass becomes cracked or damaged due to vandalism, an accident, or storm damage. The protective layer of window film will keep the glass together rather than shattering, decreasing the amount of damage and possibility of injuries.

The Tint Guy Can Handle Your Commercial Window Film Needs

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