Decorative Glass Window Film

There is no need to change an entire window to achieve a new look. Attractive and affordable decorative window films allow you the freedom to change the appearance of your windows as trends or your tastes change. Decorative window films can be integrated into your home or business in a variety of ways and they offer multiple benefits.


Decorative glass films can reduce visibility, allowing you to tailor the amount of privacy space possesses. Add a decorative film to the shower doors in your busy family bathroom or to the sidelights of your front door to deter nosy neighbors from peeking inside. Glass paneled cabinets might give an open and airy look to your kitchen but they also mean you need to keep all the interior contents neat and orderly. Add decorative window films to maintain the intended aesthetic while concealing your cabinets’ contents.

Cover An Unsightly View

An unsightly view can be blocked out with blinds or curtains but those options would also block out any available natural light. Adding a decorative window film will allow in sunlight while blocking the view of your neighbor’s overgrown yard or a nearby parking lot.

Interior Temperature Control / UV Protection

High accent windows and skylights let in lots of natural light while maintaining privacy, but sometimes these windows allow in too much sunlight. Direct sunlight can be harsh on furniture, equipment, rugs, and fabrics, as well as increase interior temperatures. Decorative window films offer a layer of protection for your possessions and help maintain interior temperatures.


Mimic Other Materials and Styles

Decorative window films are available in a variety of unique patterns and details. They can be used to create a mirrored look or mimic the look of stained, cut, or texturized glass. In addition to windows, these films can be added to areas throughout out your home such as glass kitchen cabinets.

Integrate Branding

Create an environment that connects your customers to your brand. Decorative window films are available in a diverse range of creative options to integrate company or product branding on your windows or glass panels. They can even be removed and reapplied to accommodate branding or design changes.

The Tint Guy + Decorative Window Films = Endless Options

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