Prepare YourWindows for Fall Storms with Safety and Security Films

The Atlanta metro area may be a bit too far inland to be directly affected by hurricanes, however that doesn’t mean that we don’t get some nasty storms. High winds and flying objects such as roof shingles, tree branches, and debris can break windows on impact. By adding shatter-resistant films to your windows you can protect your home, workplace, and the people inside each structure from destructive storms.

3M Safety and Security Window Films

Windows treated with 3M Safety and Security Window film are more difficult to break than a standard window. If a treated window does break, the glass will not shatter like a standard window. Instead, the broken glass shards will be held together in a single sheet, keeping building inhabitants safe and protected from flying glass. 3M Safety and Security films deliver superior performance without altering your home or business’ aesthetics. Low interior and exterior reflectivity allows you enjoyment of the views from inside, while maintaining an attractive appearance from outside. The films reject up to 97% of infrared light and significantly block the amount of harmful UV rays allowed to enter a space. Need safety, security and sun protection combined? 3M™ Safety and Security Window Films are available in clear, safety-only versions, or as a combination film with both sun control & safety features.

Impact Protection Attachment Systems

For the ultimate in safety, consider combining safety and security window film with 3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems. These systems reinforce the strength of your window by securely attaching the filmed window to the window frame, affording the highest level of safety and security for your windows.

3M + The Tint Guy = The Ultimate Protection

Stay safe in any weather with safety and security window films from 3M and The Tint Guy! As with any window films, safety and security window films should be professionally applied by an installer with extensive experience and product knowledge to guarantee a successful outcome. As the only full service 3M Prestige Dealer in the North Georgia market, The Tint Guy team is comfortable providing expert sales and quality installations of the complete line of 3M Window Films, which come with a comprehensive limited-lifetime warranty. Read our reviews and then choose the team and the products you know and trust for your residential and commercial safety and security window film installation—call or contact The Tint Guy today!