The Tint Guy’s 4 Automotive Window Tinting Options

Automotive window tinting offers a variety of benefits to drivers, passengers, and automobiles. This wonderful film blocks UV rays, provides privacy, and decreases glare while also reducing solar heat build up, glare, and interior fading.
The 4 Options We Provide
The Tint Guy offers four types of automotive window tinting to best suit your needs and vehicle.*

  1. Traditional(3 stars): This tint is the best choice for a budget-minded consumer. It is charcoal in appearance and matches factory tinted glass with 28% IR heat rejection, 99% UV light rejection, 7% reflectivity, and 62% glare reduction.
  2. Carbon(4 stars): This tint provides a nice black appearance and offers 41% IR heat rejection, 99% UV light rejection, 10% reflectivity, and 65% glare reduction.
  3. Ceramic(5 stars): This tint maintains the vehicle’s original appearance of glass and offers 73% IR heat rejection, 99% UV light rejection, 13% reflectivity, and 61% glare reduction.
  4. Crystalline(5 stars): This tint provides virtually clear protection and offers 97% IR heat rejection, 99.9% UV light rejection, 6% reflectivity, and 63% glare reduction.

Installers and Awards
Our installers are manufacture certified, and follow the stringent installation techniques to ensure the finished product exceeds your expectations. We have received numerous awards, including the 2018 Top Dealer Award and being listed #13 in the nation by Window Film Magazine.
Warranties and Guarantees
All of our window films are guaranteed against cracking, fading, peeling, bubbling and turning purple for as long as you own your vehicle. If you ever have an issue, simply contact us with your original warranty form and receipt of purchase. Then after inspecting your vehicle we will determine if the affected window film needs to be repaired or replaced.*
Trust The Tint Guy with Your Automotive Window Tinting
The Tint Guy is continually ranked as the top Automotive Window Tinting company in north Atlanta. Many of today’s cars require specific installation procedures and only an experienced installation company and trained installers can achieve this kind of quality and production with repeated and refined installations. Our proprietary installation methods and techniques are our trademark in the industry and are proven to provide a factory look for years to come. Experience the best service for auto tinting in the state of Georgia. Call The Tint Guy at 404-890-5518 or schedule your appointment online today!
* These tints do not interfere with electronic devices, satellite, radio, or wifi.
** We do not cover damage to tint cause by improper cleaning, scratches or pets.