FormulaOne Automotive Window Tints: Find the Perfect Series for Your Vehicles

Automotive window tinting offers a variety of benefits to drivers, passengers, and automobiles, including privacy, skin protection, interior protection, shattered glass protection, and glare reduction. However, a subpar product and/or faulty installation can result in diminished benefits. Don’t settle for second best—choose FormulaOne High Performance Auto Tints for your vehicles. Available in three series to suit your specific needs, these automotive window tints deliver the best in performance, protection, and appearance.

FormulaOne Classic Series

The FormulaOne Classic Series offers premium-grade optical clarity, protection from UV rays, heat blocking benefits, scratch resistance, glare reduction, and is available in a variety of shades with darkening options that range from 50-95%.

FormulaOne Pinnacle Series

The FormulaOne Pinnacle Series merges sophisticated looks and features. The integrated nano-ceramic technology supports signal clarity for electronic devices of all types while offering the highest possible levels of protection against solar heat, road glare, and UV rays.

FormulaOne Stratos Series

The FormulaOne Stratos Series is engineered for improved comfort and reduced glare. Its infrared absorbing properties reject up to 63% of solar heat and absorbs more than 99% of harmful UV rays, keeping passengers protected and helping to reduce interior fading and cracking.

Choose Professional, Knowledgeable, and Experienced Installers

Protect yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle with FormulaOne High Performance Auto Tints professionally installed by the talented team at The Tint Guy. Since 1986 The Tint Guy has been one of the top Automotive Window Tinting companies in north Atlanta providing professional installations for both retail and wholesale clients. Our manufacturer certified installers follow stringent installation techniques to ensure the finished product always exceeds client expectations. Our proprietary installation methods and techniques are our trademark in the industry and are proven to provide a factory look for years to come.

Unsurpassed Warranty

FormulaOne High Performance Auto Tints are backed by the industry’s best warranty, the unsurpassed FormulaOne National Manufacturer’s Warranty. Your vehicle’s window tints are guaranteed against cracking, fading, peeling, bubbling and turning purple for as long as you own your vehicle. If you ever have an issue, simply contact us with your original warranty form and receipt of purchase. Then after inspecting your vehicle we will determine if the affected window film needs to be repaired or replaced. Experience the best service for auto tinting in the state of Georgia. Call The Tint Guy at 404-890-5518 or schedule your appointment online today!