Protect Your Home and Business with Security Window Films

Millions of property crimes are reported each year. Home and business owners add solid doors and dead bolts to their properties but often forget about the windows. Upgrading to double-glazed panes will strengthen the glass against impacts but a more affordable choice is security window films, which enhance the safety of your existing windows by strengthening their glass.

What is Security Window Film?

Security window films are created by laminating layers of polyester film with unique adhesives. The thickness of these films range from 4-14mils (100-350 microns) or higher. As the film thickness increases the likelihood of it being broken, torn, or punctured decreases. 8-14mils thick security films are suitable for most residential and commercial security applications, as it can resist impacts of up to 400 pounds. 

Security: Forced Entry Protection

Security films will not fully prevent someone from entering your property. They increase a window’s impact and shatter-resistance, slowing an intruder down and making it more difficult to get through the glass (delaying entry by up to three minutes) and giving you more time to run, hide, or call the police.

Natural Disaster and Vandalism Protection

Security films can help prevent window breakage during a natural disaster that could otherwise result in devastating losses or injuries. Even if the windows break in your home or business, the security film will hold them in place and protect anyone inside from being hurt by dangerous flying fragments. If someone attempts to vandalize your home or business by throwing a rock, brick, or another object at a glass door or window, the security films will prevent it from leaving a hole or completely shattering the glass.

Privacy, Temperature Control, and UV Protection 

When security window films are purchased with integrated tinting they offer a level of privacy, protecting the people and property inside from prying eyes and possible intruders. Security film can also blocking direct sunlight rays, providing energy efficiency and protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Trust The Tint Guy with Your Safety and Security Window Film Needs

Security window films are one of the most affordable and efficient ways to protect your home and business. They are also used in police and fire stations, banks, schools, offices, public spaces, museums, art galleries, and high-end and luxury retail stores or boutiques. As the only full service 3M Prestige Dealer in the North Georgia market, The Tint Guy team is comfortable providing expert sales and quality installations of the complete line of 3M Window Films, which come with a comprehensive limited-lifetime warranty. Read our reviews and then choose the team and the products you know and trust for your residential or commercial security window film installation. Call 404-890-5518 or contact us through our online form to discuss all your home window film needs today!