Add a Layer of Sun Safety to Your Summer with Window Films

At least 50% of the sun’s UV rays can pass through residential, commercial, and automobile windows, penetrating deep into skin, causing DNA damage that can accelerate skin aging (wrinkles, fine lines, etc.) and lead to skin cancer. In addition to skin damage, UV rays can also severely damage eyes and vision. Long term UVA exposure can lead to macular degeneration, a leading cause of vision loss for older Americans and UVB rays have been directly linked to cataracts, the clouding of the eye’s natural lens (the focusing mechanism) which leads to a decrease in vision. In addition to these damaging eye conditions, UV rays can also cause eyelid and conjunctival cancers, intraocular and conjunctival melanomas, and benign growths on the conjunctiva.

UV Protection for Residential, Commercial, and Automobile Windows

Workers stationed near windows (in commercial buildings and drivers) experience significantly more wrinkled, rough-textured, and sagging skin on the sides of their bodies closest to the window. Residential and commercial window films increase health and safety for your family, employees, clients, furnishings, and merchandise by offering a layer of protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Residential and commercial window films also cut down on glare by more than half and offer an effective and affordable option for retrofitting rather than replacing existing windows. Automobile windshields are partially treated against UVA rays, but do not provide full protection for all passengers and darker, untreated glass doesn’t necessarily equate to UV protection.

Partner with The Tint Guy for Year-Round UV Protection

Window films offer constant protection by blocking out up to 99.9% of UVB and UVA rays when you are driving in your car, relaxing in your home, or working at your business. Prevent sunburns, accelerated skin aging, and increased skin cancer risks by adding UV films to your residential, commercial, and automobile windows, available in a variety of tints to suit your specific needs. At The Tint Guy, we have been installing window films in north Atlanta since 1986 and we are the only full service 3M Prestige Dealer in the North Georgia market to offer expert sales and installation of the complete line of 3M window films which have been granted the Seal of Recommendation by The Skin Cancer Foundation. Our manufacture certified installers follow stringent installation techniques to ensure your finished product always exceeds your expectations. Call us at 404-890-5518 (Woodstock) or 770-975-2568 (Kennesaw) or contact us through our online form to discuss your UV window film needs today!