Incorporate Decorative Glass Films into Your Changing Office Spaces

Office spaces and layouts are constantly evolving. Private offices were reconfigured to make way for cost-effective cubicles before the 1990s brought about the rise in open-concept everything—including communal work spaces. While the cheap and flexible open-plan office was beloved by companies, employees generally found them loud, distracting, and lacking in privacy, causing them to begin falling out of favor in the last few years. Now, in the age of COVID-19, office spaces are changing again.

Focus on Safety

In “the new office” it will be important to establish a sense of connection while also creating areas of separation to accommodate social distancing guidelines. Employers will likely proceed with caution, avoiding knee-jerk reactions in regard to their redesigned office spaces. They will be focusing on carefully balancing employee health and wellness with operational considerations and return on investment for instituted changes. Non-porous, durable, and cleanable materials will push out most textured surfaces, air systems will be updated, and touchless elements will be added to doors, elevator controls, and light switches. Shared spaces and conference room capacity will likely decrease but most noticeably, there will be a large increase in the use of partitions. Table and slide on screens, workstation dividers, moveable panels and walls, counter shields, canopy-type workstation extensions, and various integrations of clear plexiglass will be used to claim spaces, create boundaries, and protect workers.

Partitions and Glass Films: Teamwork, Community, and Privacy

All of these partitions can be easily customized to further accommodate the needs of each office. From company logos to boost team spirit to pleasant patterns for an aesthetic appeal to shaded sections for privacy, decorative glass films can quickly add a cohesive look to your office environment.

Trust the Tint Guy for All Your Window Film Needs

At The Tint Guy, we are currently transforming several office spaces and are also working with a variety of clients such as banks, school systems, police departments, and care homes with their transitions into “the new normal”. We offer a large selection of 3M films as well as some of the industry’s most specified products, meaning we are sure to always have just the right product for your project. Plus, our manufacturer certified installers follow stringent installation techniques to ensure the finished product always exceeds your expectations. Your workspaces may change, but you can always trust the Tint Guy team to deliver stellar service and a perfectly finished project. Contact us to discuss your office’s window film needs today!