Reduce Skin Cancer Risks with Window Films

You’re smart about sun protection when you are planning to spend time outdoors (I.e. sunscreen, hats, long-sleeved clothing), but how are you protecting yourself from skin cancers and the visible signs of skin aging when you are indoors? At least 50% of the sun’s UVA rays can pass through windows and penetrate deep into your skin, causing DNA damage that can accelerate skin aging (wrinkles, fine lines, etc.) and lead to skin cancer. Window films offer constant protection from UVA rays when you are driving in your car, relaxing in your home, or working at your business. Window films have been specially treated to block up to 99.9% of UVA radiation. Available in a variety of tints from nearly invisible to dark, you can choose how much visible light you wish to shine through your windows.

Automobile Windows

Think beyond seat belts and airbags when it comes to automobile safety. Window films are a critical line of defense between your sin and the sun’s harmful rays. Long-time drivers of vehicles not treated with protective window films are found to have greater skin damage (rougher, more pigmented, and more wrinkled) on the driver’s side of their bodies due to that side’s increased sun exposure. This is because while short wave UVB rays are filtered out by your car’s windows, only the windshield comes partially treated against UVA rays. Keep in mind that darker glass (found in minivans and SUVs) doesn’t necessarily equate to adequate UVA protection, meaning babies and young children are still being exposed to dangerous UVA rays in their shaded back seats. Window tinting laws vary from state to state but you can still add protection without adding tint. Transparent window films screen out almost 99.9% of UVB and UVA rays without affecting visibility.

Residential and Commercial

Just like long time drivers show more skin damage on the driver’s side of their bodies, indoor workers stationed near windows also have significantly more wrinkled, rough-textured, and sagging skin on the sides of their bodies closest to the window. Residential and commercial window films can block out up to 99.9% of UVB and UVA rays—preventing sunburns, accelerated skin aging, and an increased risk of skin cancer. Available in varied tints to suit each client’s needs, residential and commercial window films can also cut down on glare by more than half. Window films offer an effective and affordable option for retrofitting windows to offer sun protection in both businesses and homes.

Partner with The Tint Guy to Protect Your Skin

Skin cancer will affect one in five Americans over a lifetime. Protect yourself, your family, and your employees with 3M window films which have been granted the Seal of Recommendation by The Skin Cancer Foundation. As the only full service 3M Prestige Dealer in the North Georgia market, The Tint Guy staff can provide you with expert sales and installation of the complete line of 3M window films. Contact us today to learn about all of your automotive, residential, and commercial options.