Trust The Tint Guy with Your Automotive Window Tinting

Automotive window film, also called window tint, not only looks great but it provides numerous benefits to you, other occupants in your car, and to your car itself.

  • Protects against fading:Window film defends your car’s interior against harsh direct sunlight which can crack or discolor your vehicle’s leather interior and fade the upholstery.
  • Decrease glare:By decreasing the glare on your windshield from direct sun and bright nighttime headlights, you can protect your eyes against fatigue.
  • Blocks UV rays: Quality automotive window tinting can block 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, protecting you and your vehicle’s occupants from the harmful rays that can cause skin cancer.
  • Reduce solar heat buildup:Window film can block anywhere from 35-65% of the solar heat that builds up in your vehicle, meaning you can cut back on cranking up the air conditioning to make everyone comfortable during the summer months.
  • Shattered glass protection:Since window film is designed to keep glass from shattering if an object hits it, it will protect passengers from flying glass shards in the event of an accident and thieves will find it difficult to gain access if they try to break a window.
  • Privacy:Window tint can protect you and your passengers from prying eyes when your vehicle is occupied and it can protect your valuables when it is unoccupied.

Our Experience, Products, and Installers
Many of today’s cars require specific installation procedures that should only be trusted to an experienced installation company with trained installers. At The Tint Guy, we have been providing professional installations for our north Atlanta retail and wholesale clients since 1986. We offer a large selection of 3M Window Films and are sure we have just the right product for your car. Our installers are manufacture certified, and follow the stringent installation techniques to ensure the finished product exceeds your expectations.
Our Most Recent Award
The Tint Guy was recently presented with the Top Dealer Award by Window Film Magazine at the 2018 International Window Film Conference in San Antonio, Texas. = The Tint Guy’s founder, Chris Robinson, was on hand to receive the award from television star and hot rodder Richard Rawlings, star of the hit TV show Gas Monkey Garage. The Tint Guy was also listed #13 in the Nation by Window Film Magazine based on revenue and size of the operation.
Trust The Tint Guy with Your Automotive Window Tinting
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