Save on Energy Costs with Home Window Tinting

With the first couple months of fall now past, and the several days of freezing cold temps that came with them, some Atlanta-area homeowners have no doubt already had to reach for their thermostats to turn up the heat on some of those chilly nights. And like anybody who’s ever had to pay an energy bill in the fall and winter knows, as the temperature outside goes down, the cost on the energy bill always goes up. Sure, there are several things you can do to help cut down on your energy bill during the cold months. Weatherstripping doors and windows, maintaining the insulation in your house, and making sure your exposed water supply pipes are insulated are all great ways to save money on unnecessary energy expenses. But did you know that you could also be saving a considerable amount of money by simply getting your home’s windows tinted? That’s right… Home window tinting.

Not Just for Automobiles

Sure, we’re all familiar with automotive window tint and all its benefits, but did you know that installing window tint on your home’s windows can help keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer? Because more of your home’s energy is lost through the windows than any other source, it’s important to lessen that loss with professionally-installed residential window tinting. When applied to the interior of your home’s windows, window tint acts as a shield to keep the cold outside while keeping the heat where it belongs during the cold months – inside your home. Conversely, when the temps blaze during the summer months, that same window film can block a majority of the sun’s heat from entering your home via the windows, which in turn, allows you to run your air conditioning system less frequently, saving you money.

Perfecting Our Craft for Over 35 Years

For over 35 years The Tint Guy Window Tinting has been North Georgia’s premier destination for professionally-installed, high-quality window tint for countless automotive, residential, and commercial applications across the Greater Metro Atlanta area. Using only the highest quality, industry-leading products, our expert installers take great care and detail in perfecting their craft with each and every application.

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